Take care of your vibrations


Im gonna share something tonight! Its regarding Vibrations /Gelombang .

What is Vibrations that I am going to share? Vibration is what you project to the world by using your feelings. When I said by using your feelings, it means, It works even when you are not saying anything. And that Feeling is so powerful that it attracts the same kinda feelings. You can read it in las of attraction book, there are many out there that you can get a hold on your hands, i am now gonna share the latest that happened to me.

We just moved to Selayang from Shah Alam. FYI, Shah Alam and Selayang are two different districts and has two different cultures. The people are different, the geography and the day to day routine also has some differences. Since we were in moving phase, we were too busy to REALLY think about business, especially on getting new cases. This is because for me, I need to settle things one by one to focus better. There were two main things that were going on in our lives, Moving in and out and also buying our brand new car.So, yah we did not have time to sit down and plan for new customers and recruits.

What amazed me was, through this blog we will averagely get enquiry from strangers in around 2-3 person in a week. Some ask regarding Exams and some requested for MEdical and Takaful Protection. So this couple of weeks, we have been getting people from KL, Kepong , Melawati, KEramat, Batu caves to have business with us. and I wonder, when we were staying in Shah Alam I could not remember I went so far away to Ampang. keramat to have appointments, but now They are coming from these area, and that makes me really happy!!!

Alhamdulillah , we were taught to be a good receiver. what ever good things in life comes from Allah and we dont have to analyze it. So ya, What I remembered was I remain calm and happy to move to a new place. Find happiness in the new environment makes me a happy mommy and wife and person! Thank you Allah 🙂





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