Resources For Agents

List of Helpful Resources for Agents

Exam Resources

1) Business Opportunity Presentation

Simple slide presentation for you to use to recruit new agents anytime, anywhere.

2) TBE Exam Past Year Questions

Collection of past year questions for Takaful Basic Exam self-study. All answers included.

3) Takaful Exam Notes Part A and Part C

Takaful Basic Exam Notes for self study. Notes only. Past year questions in item 2)

4) PCEIA Exam Notes available in English and Bahasa Malaysia

PCEIA Exam notes for self study, in both languages. Download or direct read.

5) PCEIA Soalan Peperiksaan Tahun Lepas Beserta Jawapan

Koleksi soalan tahun lepas PCEIA Part A dan Part C

Prudential BSN Takaful Forms

1) Credit Card/Debit Card Form

2) Autodebit Form

3) Transfer of Policy Servicing Form

4) Top-up, Switch Fund, Surrender Policy Form

5) Personal Medical Attendant’s Report Form (PMAR)

6) Policy Revival Form

7) PAMB Personal Statement Form

8) Transfer Agent PAMB to PBTB if Agent still Active

9) Transfer Agent PAMB to PBTB if Agent already Terminated

10) Premium List Form

11) Takafulink Alteration Request Form

12) Supplementary Proposal Form

13) Nomination Form (PAMB)

14) Claim Form

15) Health Questionnaire

16) PAMB Alteration Request Form

17) Cheque Cancellation Form

18) Change of Address Form

19) Foreigner Questionnaire Form