Join me! but why?

Hello, you are wandering in my website and you saw this post and you asked yourself, ‘why do I need to start a business and  join this lady?’

Why do i need to start a business?

Why do i need to get out of my comfort zone ?

Why do I need to let go something in life and start a new journey?

Well, here it is…

All I can say in this post is this. I am OFFICIALLY INVITING YOU  on this journey to create your life.

Your DREAM LIFE that you yearn for years. your retirement years? Im inviting you to start thinking of how are you gonna be retiring? how are you gonna be retired? when will you retire? will you be able to retire young? how is it important to retire young? wouldn’t it be bored to retire so early?

When I say retire, Id like to invite you to explore more in depth in your thinking and your desire. Does retirement means stop doing everything and just relax? how does it feel?

For me, i need to retire early to do STUFF that i really desire to do and i want to do it YOUNG! I cant do the STUFF when I’m over 60 years old. i need to be fit and healthy to pursue my dreams , so i set up to RETIRE AT 40

What am I gonna do at 40?


Well, life is a journey!!!  what I  desired 5 years ago was different that what I want it now. And what I want now can be different from what i want to have and what i desire 10 years down the road.

I could still remember how I told my es-boss during my interview as a fresh graduate back then when i was 22. I told him ‘I want to be the youngest CEO in GSK ‘ when he asked how do i see myself in 5 years time.  I smile every time i remember it .

Why do our Aspirations change?

We grow wiser by years. we learn from our experiences and mistakes. we grow wiser by travelling, reading books , and by building connections with people. We learnt from every fall we had and every hikes we were abled to went through.

So this is my Aspirations when I am 40. 

I am retiring at 40.

I surround myself with spiritual gurus all around the world.

I travel all around the world to meet them at the same time to embrace the nature that created for us to embrace

I learn in depth more in spiritual concepts, to know and understand me, my inner me and my life, being. I share with others about it. i travel to learn and to share with others. my mission is to let everyone in this world have the chance to understand themselves, their life  so they are able to live life to the fullest and die as a legend. I bring the best out of everyone i meet.

I install stability in terms of financial for myself and family. i provide the best education for my kids. i send Rinn to International ISlamic school for her to have a better insight on herself and her innerself and most importantly for her to discover what kind of problems that she want to solve and do for the rest of her life.

I travel and enjoy arts, join the art festival, the museum and historical places

I write books and produce them. i write life metaphors poems and compile it in a nice book

I sponsored at least 10 hafiz/hafizah by 40 .

I have a couple of business that run on its own by that time, like a little bakery that sell flowers together in them 🙂

I have rental properties and lands that appreciates perfectly

I am debt free by 40

I am financially free at 40

I start on my spiritual journey aggressively

I give talks to the public in lecture hall, in TEDS , in royal albert hall to speak on spirituality

When I die, i leave a group of community who lives well in present moment, with a firm belief on how simple it is to live the life to the fullest and make the world a better place.

Thats what i want to invite you to do.

not just starting a business with me. but build your own LIFE.

lets ask our hearts deeply on what we really desire to do? life is short!

Let’s grow together

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”




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